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NZ Masters swimming offers a number of options for individuals and organisations who wish to target masters swimmers as part of their marketing.

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 The New Zealand Masters Swimming website attracts a considerable number of visitors from all over the world. Advertising on the website exposes your company to an international audience of over 1500 each month. In addition to this the site receives on average around 64 000 hits or page impressions each month. (Statistics based on average of 12 months to August 2007)
Our visitors are mainly from New Zealand (42%), but a large proportion visit the site while based in Australia, and the United States of America, as well as other countries worldwide.
Given the exposure that our advertisers receive, it should come as no surprise that the advertising opportunities we offer, are extremely good value.
The following table gives the advertising rates for the NZ Masters Swimming website. Prices are for a 3 month term (up to around 9000 views per page)*. Shorter periods are available.
Pixel Size Home Page Any Other Page
(width x height)
Banner Ads 468 x 60 $115.00 $100.00
Ad design Service $100 non animated - $200 animated (max 30k). Some limitations apply. Contact us for more details


Please note that there is no additional click through charge. An effort will be made to locate your advertisement on the most popular and available page at time of full payment.
* Your ad will be placed based on a rotating basis with other advertisements. We try to maximise the exposure for all of our advertisers so that you will at minimum receive 1/3 of the totals views that were available for the time period you have advertised. If you are the only advertiser for the period of time you wish to advertise, you will receive all the views possible


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To place your advertisement on the website, please contact us

NZMS MasterScrawl

For details regarding advertising within MastersScrawl, please contact the MastersScrawl editor


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