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Welcome to New Zealand Masters Swimming - Fun, Fitness and Friendship for adults over 20. Find out  how to join and participate in our many events. There are local clubs in most major towns in New Zealand, so there are sure to be other masters swimmers in your area.


If you are into competing, either against yourself or others, Masters Swimming is for you. Swim with a club, and push yourself against others. There are plenty of opportunities to test yourself at regular meets.


Swimming is the best sport for developing and maintaining overall fitness. Masters Swimming offers the opportunity to improve your fitness in a relaxed environment with swimmers of all age and ability.


NZMS offers it's members a number of benefits, including Masterscrawl, coaching, and representation at National and International level. Find out more about us, including how to join and where your local club is

Top 10

Top 10 Rankings

This page list the National top 10 tabulations. Tabulations are not available for 2008-2010

To view the files on this page you will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat ReaderAdobe Acrobat Reader and a product like winzip. Windows Vista, Windows 7 , Windows 8, and Windows 10 users should be able to use the native decompression tools that come with your system, by opening the files as normal once they are downloaded

Each zip file will contain 2 Adobe pdf files, which you will be able to open if you have the Adobe Acrobat reader application installed on your computer

2017 zip2017Top_Ten.zip69.35 KB
2016 zip2016Top_Ten.zip73.79 KB
2015 zipNZMS Top 101.26 MB
2014 zipNZMS Top 101.29 MB
2013 zipNZMS  FINA Sanctioned Top 101.47 MB
zipNZMS Top 101.47 MB
2012 zipNZMS FINA Sanctioned Top 101.15 MB
zipNZMS Top 101.31 MB
2011 zip 650.76 KB
2007 zip 750.61 KB
2006 zip 916.13 KB
2005 zip 732.41 KB
2004 zip 617.77 KB
2003 zip 224.32 KB


World Tabulations

Top 10 World tabulations are availavble on the FINA websiteFINA website


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