2021 FINA Masters Top 10 Tabulations

The FINA Masters Top 10 Tabulations 2021 have been finalised and can be found on the FINA Website in the Masters Tab (on top of the main page) under "Ranking":  https://www.fina.org/masters/latest

National Recorder Paulette Tasker has collated the results for NZMS swimmers ( pdf 426.19 KB ).  As a country we did extremely well.  New Zealand swimmers featured 70 times in the rankings.

 Congratulations to Jolie Fenwick, Kyla Steenhart, Shelley Rowland, Gail Jonson, Nicola Clement, Rebecca Tohill, Robyn Crotty, Eleanor Pinfold, Lesley Parkin, Mary Ann Turbitt, Jan O'Donnell, Joan Bidwell, Cameron Boland, Jon Winter, Mark Weldon, Richard Lockhart, Mark Cowling, Steven Prescott, Ian Gunthorp, Derek Eaton, Graham Leach, Bob Goddard, Megan Wilson, Janusz Kordonski, Beverly Corbett, Jacky Tasker & Charmayne Johnstone. 

Please note there are only rankings in Short Course as we did not hold any Long Course meets in 2021.

If ranked swimmers wish to purchase Top10 or World Record patches, they can be found in the shop: https://shop.fina.org

If they need patches from previous years (numeral patches 1991-2018 or old World Record patches still available), please contact directly.

Congratulations to all swimmers on your outstanding results.




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