Swim Around NZ

Swim Around NZ - Final Results (Dec 09 Update)

Well we finally cracked it - yes after 20 months of hard slog, we have finally swum around NZ - all 15,134Km's of it. Congratulations to all that took part. Final results for the challenge are below



Round_NZ_Swim_-_By_Club.pdf 164.89 Kb

Round_NZ_Swim_-_By_Region.pdf 152.91 Kb

Round_NZ_Swim_-_By_Swimmer.pdf 168.75 Kb

Round_NZ_Swim_-_By_Team_Name.pdf 165.39 Kb


Thanks to all those that have taken part in the event. It has taken alot longer than originally planned, but I have seen many participants increase their monthly distances over the last 20 months, leading to increased fitness - the main objective of the challenge.


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