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Records Set at Dunedin Masters Games to be Approved

The Executive has decided to approve the records which were set at the Dunedin Masters Games in February this year following difficulties raised over the swim suit issue.  Approved records are now posted below.



To understand the problem it is necessary to go back a little in time.


(1)     In 2009 Masters swimmers were able to wear the same “technical” swim suits which elite competitors had been wearing.  But FINA subsequently decided to disapprove those suits for elite open competitors.  In August 2009 the FINA Masters Committee resolved, almost without disagreement, that it would like its swimmers to be subject to exactly the same rules as open competitors.  However, only the FINA Bureau could actually make that decision.  So the FINA Masters Committee recommended that the FINA Bureau accept that change.


(2)     It was not known when the FINA Bureau would meet or if and when it would approve any change.


(3)     In the meantime, Masters Games preparations in Dunedin continued as normal, the event scheduled for February 2010.  In the programme which was issued it was pointed out that technical suits were permitted.


(4)     In Bangkok on 15 January this year the FINA Bureau met and accepted the FINA Masters Committee recommendation.  Technical suits were “out”.  But we were not told about this.  No communication came to NZMS and it was not until the next issue of Aquatics World when a study of the Minutes showed that the decision had been made.


(5)     When the Dunedin Masters Games proceeded competitors were also told verbally that full swim suits were permitted.  The organisers had no notice that there had been any change to the FINA Rules over swim suits.


(6)     11 NZMS records were broken at the Dunedin Masters Games.  When the records were referred to us we had by then received the FINA Ruling which was instantaneous in effect.  It did not come into effect at any future time.  We were then left in a dilemma.  Without knowing what had been said to the competitors at that point, we decided that, being bound by the FINA Ruling (NZMS of course affiliated to FINA), the records could not be approved.


(7)     Following representations made by the swimmers as to what they were told, the Executive felt this put a different light on the matter.  There has been no fault on the part of NZMS in failing to communicate a decision to the organisers, no fault on the part of the organisers and, most important, there was no fault on the part of any of the swimmers who were simply swimming in the attire which they understood to be permitted.


(8)     NZMS is self governing.  We have power to decide who will be credited with breaking our own records.  The circumstances of this case are unusual but the Executive feels it would be unfair to the swimmers not to allow the records set at Dunedin to be approved.  A further practical issue is that we do not actually know which swimmers were swimming “technical” suits and which were not.  In the circumstances, all of the records set will be approved.  They will of course not be eligible for World records but we think none of them qualify for that in any event.


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