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FINA Ruling on Swimsuits for Masters Athletes

FINA have clarified the rules around swim suits for masters atheletes when competing.



Effective 15 January 2010 the FINA Bureau has ruled that swimwear for Masters swimmers will be governed by the same Rule as applies for open elite competitors.  Bylaw 8.3 states :

“From 1 January 2010 swim suits for men shall not extend above the naval or below the knee, and for women, shall not cover the neck, extend pass the shoulder, nor shall extend below knee.  All swim suits shall be made of textile material.”


This Ruling binds us in the running of Masters swimming events in New Zealand.  It will apply for the Nationals and all other meets operated within Masters swimming from this point on.  So, swimmers who have three-quarter length swim suits or full length swim suits will not be permitted to wear them and any swimmers who do wear them will not be eligible for placings or records and run the risk of complete disqualification.  Officials of meets are likely to tell competitors wearing such suits that they may not enter the race.  So, from now on, all swim suits must comply with Bylaw 8.3 above.