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2013 Kapiti Island Swim

At the recent 50th anniversary of the Kapiti Island mainland swim 3 NZ Masters swimmers were amongst the 16 that took part in the 5.6 Km challenge across the Rangatira Straits from Kapiti Island to Paraparaumu Beach. The tradition and point of difference for this open swim is that wetsuits are not permitted but the water temperature must be over 16 degrees to be given the green light. The ages ranged from 14 to 71 years of age with the 71 year old having competed in every swim, bar 2 since its inception in 1963.
The scheduled day of Saturday 9th March started out fine enough but at 12.30 the race officials carried out a pre-race inspection in the mid-channel and the decision was made to postpone it by 24 hours due to the swells. On Sunday 19th March at 1.30, with low tide at 2.30pm, the 16 swimmers with their boats, skippers and spotters set off from Paraparaumu Beach for Kapiti Island and the race started just before 2pm with all swimmers waist deep in water. Various strategies were used from heading straight for the finish line to heading slightly south to compensate for the outgoing south bound tide and the later incoming north bound tide.
Those looking to complete the race within 80 minutes took the 'as the crow flies' straight approach whilst the more leisurely used the tides to their advantage taking a more scenic banana sweeping approach.

The fastest swimmer on the day completed the swim in 1hr 14mins 11secs and of the 16 swimmers starting 14 completed with 9 being classed as veterans in the over 35 years of age category. Of interest the 2 swimmers unable to complete the course succumbing to the cold water conditions were 14 and 15 years of age, something to be said for years of being built for comfort and not speed.

 The result for the master’s swimmers is as below:

  • David Scandle (Levin) 1.54.10 8th
  • Heather Osborne (Kati Kati)) 1.55.22 10th - 1st Veteran Woman home
  • Marco Cecioni (Raumati) 2.03.58 11th

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