Masters Athletes - role models for health as well as fun, fitness and friendship


A recent article in “Nutrition Today”, a USA publication, confirms what we all know intuitively – that master athletes are fitter and healthier than their nonathletic counterparts of similar age. The authors reviewed the literature and conclude that, for master athletes.

So the news is all good – as master swimmers we can maintain a healthy body weight, desirable body composition, a high level of fitness and we can significantly reduce our risk for some of the major health problems facing older people. As a bonus we can eat more food energy than our sedentary peers without the addition of unwanted weight gain, and this means if we choose wisely we have more opportunity to improve diet quality. But that’s another story…..


Sue Pollard


Reference: Rosenbloom, Christine and Bahns, Michele. What Can We Learn About Diet and Physical Activity From Master Athletes? Nutrition Today; 40: 6, 267-272, November/December 2005.