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The elusive swim catch

The "catch" is one of the most talked about , but elusive concepts for swimmers trying to improive their technique.'s swim coach Matt Leubers talks about catch and release.

NZMS Swimmer attempts Cook Strait

Mike Bodger, NZMS Secretary and Masters Swimmer's desire was to be the oldest person to swim across Cook Strait
Support crew member Kirsten Cameron exclusively documents the event for masters swimmers to read.

Swim Around NZ - Final Results (Dec 09 Update)

Well we finally cracked it - yes after 20 months of hard slog, we have finally swum around NZ - all 15,134Km's of it. Congratulations to all that took part. Final results for the challenge are below


Improving your swimming - A swimmers to do list

There are many things that you can do to swim better. This to do list of 10 ways to swim better could help any swimmer improve in the water.


Masters Athletes - role models for health as well as fun, fitness and friendship


A recent article in “Nutrition Today”, a USA publication, confirms what we all know intuitively – that master athletes are fitter and healthier than their nonathletic counterparts of similar age. The authors reviewed the literature and conclude that, for master athletes.


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