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Welcome to New Zealand Masters Swimming - Fun, Fitness and Friendship for adults over 20. Find out  how to join and participate in our many events. There are local clubs in most major towns in New Zealand, so there are sure to be other masters swimmers in your area.


If you are into competing, either against yourself or others, Masters Swimming is for you. Swim with a club, and push yourself against others. There are plenty of opportunities to test yourself at regular meets.


Swimming is the best sport for developing and maintaining overall fitness. Masters Swimming offers the opportunity to improve your fitness in a relaxed environment with swimmers of all age and ability.


NZMS offers it's members a number of benefits, including Masterscrawl, coaching, and representation at National and International level. Find out more about us, including how to join and where your local club is

Competition News

2014 National LC Champs and AGM

NZMS are pleased to announce that the 2014 National Long Course Championships will be held on the 10th and 11th May at the Moana Pool, hosted by Dunedin Masters. Entries close on the 20th April. Online entries can be made at the dmsc website.the dmsc website.
The NZMS AGM will also be held during the day on 10th May, commencing at 8am at the Kingsgate Hotel.. 

2013 Kapiti Island Swim

At the recent 50th anniversary of the Kapiti Island mainland swim 3 NZ Masters swimmers were amongst the 16 that took part in the 5.6 Km challenge across the Rangatira Straits from Kapiti Island to Paraparaumu Beach. The tradition and point of difference for this open swim is that wetsuits are not permitted but the water temperature must be over 16 degrees to be given the green light. The ages ranged from 14 to 71 years of age with the 71 year old having competed in every swim, bar 2 since its inception in 1963.

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2014 NZ Masters National Long Course Championships

This years National Long Course Championships are being hosted by Dunedin Masters club at Moana Pool on 12th/13th April 2013. You can find more information about the event by following the link below.


When the link is opened the heading is NZ2013LC and then online registration can be done. At the bottom of the first page, click on 'register' to take you to the next page with costs. etc. Then submit the completed form online. Accommodation is available at the Kingsgate Hotel. The NZMS AGM 2013 will be held on Friday 12th April at the Kingsgate Hotel.

Records Set at Dunedin Masters Games to be Approved

The Executive has decided to approve the records which were set at the Dunedin Masters Games in February this year following difficulties raised over the swim suit issue.  Approved records are now posted below.


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NZ Swimmers Shine in Sweden

NZ swimmers have shone in Sweden, at the recent World Masters Championships. 13 new National records were set at the meet, and these are detailed below. You can read the meet review here.


Read more: NZ Swimmers Shine in Sweden


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