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Capital Region Meeting Minutes May 2010

Capital region held a regional meeting on the 15th May 2010. You can read the minutes for this meeting here, including a very interesting proposal to modify the NZMS membership structure.



15 MAY 2010  at 1pm

PresentMike Bodger (NZMS); Graeme Corrin (Masterton); Barry Lake (HCM); Lester Fensom (Huia); Simon van den Berg (Raumati); Lesley Parkin, Heather King, Denise Ridley, Nicola Wright (Levin)


Apologies: Ingrid Saxton (HCM); Rob Macquarrie (Mana Marlins); Lyall Mortimer


Also invited were clubs from Central Region and apologies received from:

Murray Smith (OD); Alan Stack (Napier); Sara Kennard (Makino); Wendy Whitham (Wanganui).


Do these clubs still exist?  Karori Pirates – not currently registered - nobody seems interested in competition.  Capital Drift – no-one present appears to have any idea about them.


A brief resume of why the meeting was called:

In the distant past regional meetings were held prior to National AGM to discuss remits etc and appoint delegates.  None have been held in recent years but with items for discussion Ingrid called a meeting in February – only she and Barry were present and significant notes were made and tabled at the NZMS AGM.  A copy of these to be attached and were informative on the issues under discussion.


There was discussion at the NZMS AGM about regional activity and representation and it was agreed Regions be asked to become more active and when meetings held a member of the NZMS Exec. be asked to attend.


Hence this meeting and Mike Bodger being present.


Items Raised for discussion:

Advertising – Masterton raised the question of NZMS updating previous advertising posters/brochures and making them available to Clubs.  Mike reported he did not have any but would raise it with the Executive for the future and took copy of the old one for reference.


A suggestion of getting ‘business cards’ printed and putting into places such as clinics, doctors surgeries etc.


Simon suggested that ‘lane signs’/’closed for cleaning’ type signs could be used to promote Masters activities at that specific pool.


Sanctioned Meets:  All clubs present agreed to support the concept of a regional sanctioned meet with sharing of cost and organization.  Currently HCM are assisting Huia to run the ‘Chocolate Fish Meet’ in September (4th) at Huia.  Helping them to learn about organizing meets.


This subject to be taken back to Clubs with a view to setting a programme of meets for the Capital Region and kept on the table for future discussion – particularly with HCM having to run NZMS Nat. LC Champs every few years – these could be SC and there is a need to have meets evenly and strategically placed throughout the year.


Huia advised they were thinking of reinstating the family/fun meet held outdoors at Wainuiomata in the future.


A general discussion held around the costs of running meets and particularly the different ways Councils approach hire rates.  Also the costs of getting officials and the meet organized by local SNZ organizations.


Voting on Regional Delegates: The last couple of years have seen Ingrid and Lesley serving as Delegates to the only meeting each year (NZMS AGM) as they held other positions and were going to be there.  Lyall has been a Delegate for many years but his failing health has meant he could not attend.

It was resolved that Ingrid & Lesley to stay currently named as delegates but at a meeting prior to each NZMS AGM Capital Regions delegates would be appointed/voted on.  **


Meeting Frequency & location;  It was agreed that meetings be called of Regional Clubs in February, July and October in order to raise any items for local as well as national discussion and make recommendations as appropriate.


NZMS non-competing membership:

An excellent discussion took place on the types of membership some clubs were using to build numbers and the option of a levy to NZMS (say $10) on non-competitive members.  This could assist in building revenue to NZMS.

It appeared most clubs had some form of ‘associate’ membership of up to ½ / ½ .


The following was resolved to be forwarded to NZMS as a remit for next NZMS AGM.


NZMS Non-competing membership (HCM)


That NZ Masters Swimming introduce a two tiered membership. Full sanctioned membership of $50 (as is currently) and a new affiliated membership of $10 per person per annum. All members of Masters Clubs belonging to NZMS who are not full sanctioned members will be required to pay the annual $10.00 affiliated member fee. This will expand the membership thus establishing NZMS as a viable sporting body whilst improving overall income.


Note: Affiliated members will have the same access to NZMS Website and MasterScrawl but are unable to compete in any sanctioned meet nor have any NZMS age group record recognised


Moved:         Barry Lake Seconded:     Lester Fensom      Carried




Swimwear A query was raised regarding the ‘harsh’ decision to limit the range of swimwear available for official meets and open water swims.  It was restated that this was a FINA rule which came in on 1st January with the Masters Open Water Swimming decision coming into operation on 10 January but not known or publicized by NZMS at the time.



NZMS It was very useful having Mike at the meeting and he reiterated that he was happy to send out any information that clubs required re membership etc. – we only had to ask.


List of NZMS officers and club contacts as a document to be updated on the website.


It was easy to send out regular updates of memberships to clubs if required.


Whilst the NZMS financials were not put on the website for specific reasons it was considered these should be made available to clubs – some clubs already ask.


Re website – coaching/programme information:  is available on the NZMS website – other sources are;;


Also the ease of finding information on the website – Lester recommended that the ‘search’ button be moved and made bigger as it was of great assistance when found.  Also using ‘site map’.


Meeting closed at 3.15pm



** It has subsequently been confirmed that ‘formal’ officers are still in place from the last recorded meeting in February 2005.  These officers are :

Chairman – Lyall Mortimer; and Sec/Treas – Margaret Francis.

They are the signatories to the bank account which has some funds for administration.


It would be appropriate at the next Regional meeting to appoint/elect a Chairman and Sec/Treas  to enable signatories be appointed and the structure formalized.


A copy of the minutes of 26 February 2005 are attached (2 scanned documents)


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