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31st Levin Masters Autumn Meet: Greetings from the 'Speedy Toheroas'

Once again Levin Club hosted their Annual Autumn Meet held at the Levin Aquatic Centre on 18 May with over 60 competitors attending and then enjoying the social function held this year at the Levin Fire Station. One of the features of this Meet are the distances events held on the previous evening catering for swimmers looking for a challenge of up to 1500m events. Another feature is the 25m Skins event with the following winners:
Our club was happy to let a non Levin swimmer – Jane Nevin from HCM – take the young women's age group. Congratulations to all.
  • Over 50 Women – Rebecca Perrott (sister Jane coming 2nd)
  • Over 50 Men – Nick Robinson hotly pursued by Tony Hickmore
  • 20 -49 Women – Jane Nevin
  • 20 – 49 Men – Christopher MacLaren
Swimmers keep returning from year to year and looking back to 1987 we have Colin Palmer from Trojans appearing and he still keeps returning, now at age 83 – a really great example of a Master Swimmer; and some just come even if not swimming this year but to support their club members i.e. Margie Chiet and Sheryl Mitchell.
Some excellent competition arose – who said the oldies aren't competitive with the likes of Tony Hickmore, Dave Scandle, Milton Bevin, David Pontin, but what event would be complete without people like Brian Bourke, Graeme Corrin, Winnie Cleary, Ray Willy or Hilary Hazell.
But then I'd like to add a quote from a swimmer joining our own club 12 months ago and I'm sure he will not mind. It gives a good vision of how an 'outsider' views masters swimming members:

"... when you aren't in the scene of what masters swimmers are all about you create mental imagery and stereo typing. You know the mental picture of super athletes 7 feet tall looking down their perfect noses at the short podgy fella in shorts too big for proper swimming. Or the even scarier, the class of geriatric noodle aerobics participants. Well my first impression being the odd one out, "I think I can fit in here."
Finally, the Capital Region clubs held a 'meeting' of representatives and 5 of the 'active' clubs were represented. I believe one of the strengths of the Capital Region, despite quite low member numbers, is the regular 'chocolate fish' meets held – Huia, Levin, Masterton, Harbour Capital with each all about 'Fun, Fitness, and Friendship'. It would be great to see Raumati once again hold a meet when their new pool opens in a few month's time.

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