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2014 Capital Region AGM

The 2014 Capital Region AGM was held at  the Levin Aquatic Centre. on Saturday 17 May. Meeting minutes can be found below:

Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Capital Region NZMS


Levin Aquatic Centre. Saturday 17 May, 2.45PM

1. Welcome

Chairman Capital Region NZMS (Barry Lake) cordially welcomed everyone to AGM. 


2. Members present

Barry Lake, Graeme Corrin, Brian Bourke (Masterton), Simon van den Berg (Raumati), Robbie Macquarrie, Lesley Parkin, Ron Parkin, Denise Ridley (Levin) and Lester Fensom (Huia).


3. Apologies

Jean-Pierre De Raad (HCM), Nick Robinson (Levin), Jon Winter (Coastal Warriors),


4. Minutes previous AGM held 18 May 2013 were confirmed.

Moved by Lesley Parkin

          Seconded by Barry Lake – Carried


5. Matters arising from the Minutes


Promotional Flyers

Action Point: Simon to advise his concept regarding the content of the template and then to email all who were present.


Simon van den Berg (Raumati) advised that new Coastlands pool will not allow flyers or promotional material although they are considering developing a logo display board to promote Raumati Masters during club times.


A lengthy and vibrant discussion followed with members contributing the salient points:


Promotional Viewing

Huia club provided an image to pool management to promote Huia Masters which is displayed on two television sets in reception area which are designated to advertise pool and Hutt City events.   A posting on Triathletes Facebook page is an opportunity to attract triathletes and created online membership form given closure of Post Box.


Business Cards

Barry presented business cards to promote Harbour Capital Club which was placed in doctor’s surgeries and gyms. Simon suggested the phrase ‘Why Swim Alone?’ which Lester thought was very appropriate as it asks a prompting question. Lester requested the template to adapt for Huia and will place contact details of member clubs on the reverse and will distribute clubs within region.



Brian Bourke stated that the success of the Masterton Club was its commitment to coaching and quoted from Roger Eagles ‘Masters Swimming in New Zealand 1973 – 2013’. Lester inquired whether coaches were paid and if so how much?

Brian (Masterton) advised $1,200pa and Robbie Macquarrie (Mana Marlins) $50 per hour. Barry recommended a balance approach to ensure that all the people were looked after.


Auckland model

Lester shared how Auckland Masters Clubs incorporate swimming clubs in their swim meets in which children race with adults and their parents can join Masters and it’s also a flow on for the children as they become adults. Lesley (Levin) stated that they have firm links with the surf club and swimming club and Ron (Levin) added that the social aspect is good in building the club.


Action Point:

Barry Lake (HCM) to provide Lester Fensom (Huia) with template for business card.

6. Confirm Club Secretaries / Presidents:





Club President

Harbour Capital

Peter Shanahan

Jeremy Salmond

Huia Masters

Lester Fensom

Lester Fensom

Levin Masters

Sarah Goldie

Nick Robinson

Mana Marlins

Robbie Macquarrie

Felicity Fozard

Masterton Masters

Marilyn Morrison

Graeme Corrin

Raumati Masters

Simon van den Berg

Simon van den Berg

Coastal Warriors

John Winter



Inactive Clubs

1.  Karori Pirates                                  John Hancock

2.  Petone                                            Christine Kingsbeer

3.  Breakers Upper Hutt

4.  Different Strokes Wellington (DSW)

Action Point:

President to contact overseers of Different Strokes Wellington.



7. Election of Officers

          Committee reconfirmed positions of officers:

          1. Chairman                       Barry Lake

2. Secretary / Treasurer      Lester Fensom

3. 2014 NZMS Delegate       Ron Parkin



8. Treasurers report

Lester Fensom reported that Capital Region BNZ bank account earned thirteen cents interest with no other activity resulting in a balance $158.25 as at 31 December 2014.

Motion:   Treasurer’s Report 18 May 2014 was confirmed.

Moved by            Barry Lake

Seconded by       Ron Parkin - Carried

Change of Postal Address

Barry and Lester signed letter to BNZ advising new postal address as Huia Master Swimmers Club Inc closed PO Box 45101.


9. Swim Meets within the Region








Moana Pool

11 May


32nd Annual Autumn Swim Meet

Levin Aquatic Centre

16 & 17 May


Masterton Shear Magic Carnival

Masterton Pool

26 July


Chocolate Fish

Huia Pool

13 September



7. General Business

i.      NZMS 41st National AGM held at Kingsgate Hotel, Dunedin

Ron Parkin represented Capital Region as a NZMS Delegate at 41st AGM on Saturday 10 May 2014 and Lyall Mortimer a life member of Huia Club and NZMS attended and provided much needed insight to the meeting. Special thanks to Ron for representing Capital Region who cited the key points from the meeting: 



·       Nominations of President & Vice President

Sadly Paul McStay resigned his presidency due to ill health and his Vice President John Fisher (Waitakere) was elected as President and Warren Gilbertson (Greymouth) for Vice President thus representing both islands.


·       Life membership was discussed and Lyall Mortimer provided insight into granting such an award that the intended recipient should be unaware of the interest and had served in voluntary capacity over a number of years including international service. That life membership should be restricted to no more than five living holders at any one time and that regions need to know the rules


·       Membership was discussed relating to a structure for 21st century that had capability to increase membership and host three national swim meets.


·       Budget & Fees

NZMS is in good shape financially.


·       No Remits

All regional delegates expressed concern that a call for nominations for official NZMS positions, remits and agendas were not advised to regions well in advance to the national AGM, limiting the effectiveness of regional committees' input. This is not good enough as during the past year the Secretary Capital Region had provided an updated list of club secretaries and requested that all correspondence should be directed to regional secretaries who will advise their member clubs. The following motion at the previous AGM was actioned by Secretary of Capital Region yet ignored:


In 2013: Jean-Pierre de Raad moved the following motion which was accepted by the committee:


"That the Secretary write to NZMS President requesting that all remits, nominations and agenda items be advised to all regional committees, and member clubs, a month prior to the AGM as per the requirements of the constitution".


Moved: Jean-Pierre de Raad               Seconded:         Barry Lake


Although prior to National AGM, that we (region or clubs) were not advised of the vacancy for National President nor were nominations for either President or Vice President called for. Therefore as a region, we were denied the right to prepare our delegate as to how he should represent his constituent.


·       42nd National AGM Papatoetoe

Nationals will be an outdoor event held earlier in February 2015 hosted by South City Masters Club. Taupo and Levin Clubs have been approached regarding North Island Short Course.


·       Overall

A good turnout of delegates and Lyall’s attendance was appreciated and Lesley advised that Capital Region attained second placing in the regional relay with a total of 372 years.



iii.   Capital Region Levy

Secretary approached member clubs in the region and the majority agreed to a $10 annual levy per club.  

“That the Secretary invoice clubs within the Capital Region $10 per annum by citing results of survey and expenses of meeting hire as a contribution to fund the cost of holding regional meetings”.

Moved: Barry Lake                  Seconded:     Lesley Parkin – Carried


Action Point:

Secretary to issue invoices to member clubs.


iv.   MasterScrawl

MasterScrawl operates as a blog whereby subscribers will receive email updates as we can contribute articles to promote our clubs.


v.     Roger Eagles –Book: Masters Swimming in New Zealand 1973 – 2013

Roger Eagles has produced a draft publication of history of New Zealand Masters Swimming spanning forty years from 1973 - 2013. Clubs and individuals can order copies.


vi.   Round Robin- Highlights from member clubs


Huia.                 Dave Creamer competed in Kona Hawaii in World Iron Man in October 2013


Mana Marlins. Ten men competed in Iron Man in Taupo and one member swam solo from Mana Island to Titahi Bay.


Raumati.          Kapiti Island to mainland swim completed within three hours Marko Cecioni and a new member.


Levin.               Ron Parkin competed in 800M wall.


Masterton.       Di Chesmar (Mad Cyclist) completed four laps of Taupo total 640 km and Julie competed in police games in Melbourne.


Harbour Capital. To be advised



8. Meeting Closed

    Meeting closed 4.15PM: Note that next year’s meeting will commence at 2.45PM

    Thanks to Lesley Parkin who secured the meeting room.        


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