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2013 AGM - Capital Region

Capital Region held their 2013 AGM at the Levin Aquatic Centre on the 18th May. You can read the minutes of the meeting here.
AGM – Sunday 5 April 2009, 7

Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Capital Region NZMS

Levin Aquatic Centre. Saturday 18 May, 2PM

1. Welcome

Chairman Capital Region NZMS (Barry Lake) cordially welcomed everyone to AGM. 


2. Members present

Barry Lake, Jean-Pierre De Raad (HCM), Graeme Corrin, Brian Bourke (Masterton), Simon van den Berg (Raumati), Lesley Parkin, Denise Ridley (Levin) and Lester Fensom (Huia).


3. Apologies

Felicity Fozard (Mana Marlins)


4. Minutes previous AGM held 12 May 2012 were confirmed.

Moved by Barry Lake

          Seconded by Brian Bourke - Carried


5. Matters arising from the Minutes

NZMS Coaching Sessions, no progress since original concept was considered two years ago.


6. Election of Officers

            Committee reconfirmed positions of officers:

            1. Chairman                      Barry Lake

2. Secretary / Treasurer      Lester Fensom

3. 2014 NZMS Delegate         To be decided nearer the time of the Nationals     


5. Treasurers report

Lester Fensom reported that Capital Region BNZ bank account earned thirteen cents interest with no other activity resulting in a balance $157.86 as at 31 December 2013.

Motion:    Treasurer’s Report 18 May 2013 was confirmed.

Moved by           Barry Lake

Seconded by       Denise Ridley - Carried

Change of Postal Address

Barry Lake and Lester Fensom signed letter to BNZ advising new postal address:


Capital Region NZMS

PO Box 45101


Lower Hutt 5042

6. Swim Meets within the Region







Outdoor Swim Meet

Wainuiomata Pool

16 February




13 – 14 April


31st Annual Autumn Swim Meet

Levin Aquatic Centre

17 & 18 May


Masterton Shear Magic Carnival

Masterton Pool

20 July


Chocolate Fish

Huia Pool

21 Sept


Cancellation –Wainuiomata Outdoor Swim Meet

Lester stated that it was with regret that the Huia Master Swimmers Club cancelled their annual flagship swim meet at Wainuiomata Outdoor Pool scheduled for Saturday 16 February due to low entries as to continue would not be feasible. We have witnessed a trend in recent summers and the popularity of ocean swims, cycling and other outdoor pursuits although it appears that masters swimming events held in winter at indoor pools remain viable.

30th Celebration Swim Meet –Masterton Golden Shear Magic Carnival

Graeme Corrin advised that this year’s swim meet the Masterton Club will celebrate thirty years and would display photographs, books and that former All Black Captain Brian Lochore will be the keynote speaker at the afters function to be held at the Horseshoe in Masterton. Brian Bourke stated that the coaching capability in the club was essential to the success of the club.


7. General Business

i.       NZMS 40th National AGM held at Kingsgate Hotel, Dunedin

Jean-Pierre de Raad and Lesley Parkin represented Capital Region as a NZMS Delegate at 40th AGM on Friday 12th April 2013. Jean –Pierre cited key points from the meeting: 


·         MasterScrawl

Sue Pollard resigned as editor of MasterScrawl, after one more edition. It is likely that MasterScrawl would change to some other form, given evidence of limited readership and the effort and cost involved in producing such newsletters.


·         Life membership

      Awarded to John Trubnick. The Committee considered the nomination against the relevant published criteria. It also asked the secretary to remind clubs of the nomination process, including of keeping nominations confidential from nominees.


·         Review of website and IT

Work is underway to improve the membership data base and NZMS are considering other IT changes to improve administration and communication.


·         Nominations of President & Vice President

Sue Pollard resigned as President, and Paul McStay and John Fisher were elected president and vice president respectively.


·         Budget & Fees

The committee agreed that fees be raised $10 per annum from 2014. The extra income would be linked to the marketing of masters swimming and raising membership numbers.


·         No Remits

The regional committee expressed concern that a call for nominations for official NZMS positions remits and agendas were not advised to regions well in advance to the national AGM, limiting the effectiveness of regional committees' input.


Jean-Pierre de Raad moved the following motion which was accepted by the committee:


"That the Secretary write to NZMS President requesting that all remits, nominations and agenda items be advised to all regional committees, and member clubs, a month prior to the AGM as per the requirements of the constitution".


Moved: Jean-Pierre de Raad               Seconded:     Barry Lake


Although prior to National AGM, that we (region or clubs) were not advised of the vacancy for National President nor were nominations for either President or Vice President called for. Therefore as a region, we were denied the right to prepare our delegate as to how he should represent his constituent.



ii.     Capital Region

The Secretary approached all Masters Swimming clubs in the region to ascertain current contact details and to determine their status. Clubs were advised of the structure of NZMS and the regional committee and were encouraged to send a delegate to our regional meeting.

The current list of region contacts was advised to the NZMS Secretary:

Active Clubs                                Secretary

1. Harbour Capital                  Peter Shanahan

2.    Huia Masters                     Lester Fensom

3.    Levin Masters                    Christine Wilkie

4.    Mana Marlin Masters           Robbie Macquarrie

5.    Masterton Masters              Marilyn Morrison

6.    Raumati Masters                Simon van den Berg


Inactive Clubs

1.  Karori Pirates                     John Hancock

2.  Petone                              Christine Kingsbeer

iii.    Capital Region Levy

Committee discussed the suggestion of levying each club $50.00 to assist with sending the   regional delegates to the National AGM. Lester presented an email from Mana Marlins who were strongly opposed to this. After further discussion the committee agreed to approach clubs within the region to seek their support for a $10 per annum contribution to fund the costs of hosting regional meetings.


“That the Secretary write to clubs within the Capital Region requesting their support for a $10 per annum contribution to fund the cost of holding regional meetings”.

 Moved: Barry Lake                Seconded:     Brian Bourke – Carried


iv.    New Pool for Paraparaumu

Simon Van Den Berg (Raumati) advised that construction of a new swimming pool in Paraparaumu situated behind the library in Coastlands will be completed this spring despite delays caused by the collapse of Mainzeal. Although the club is yet to consider hosting an annual swim meet.


v.      Promotional Flyers

Simon Van Den Berg (Raumati) asked if there were any NZMS promotional posters available. Graeme Corrin advised that NZMS had provided posters in the past. Discussion ensued as to how such posters would be presented to the public, the concept of a regional poster covering all clubs in the region versus individual posters per club.  Barry cited that HCM had used business cards that were placed at doctors’ surgeries to appeal to people seeking fitness. Graham Corrin offered to provide Simon with copies of NZMS flyers used in the past. Barry suggested that Simon put together some thoughts as to what might be the content of a poster and pass this to Lester for socialising with the members present. We could then all have input to see if we can agree on a regional poster that would fit all clubs. The meeting continued this discussion and Barry later acted to end all discussion relating to the matter.


Action Point:

Simon to advise his concept regarding the content of the template and then to email all who were present.



8. Meeting Closed

    Meeting closed 3.12PM: Note that next year’s meeting will commence at 2.30PM

    Thanks to Lesley Parkin who secured the meeting room at no cost.           


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